Top Tips for creating cool designs for your Popup Store

Top Tips for creating cool designs for your Popup Store

Top Tips for creating cool designs for your Popup Store

Cool website designs can attract a plethora of customers; however, they can be difficult to create when relying strictly on coding. From making sure elements align to creating a sales funnel, creating cool designs quickly for your website can be an uphill battle. That’s where Popup comes in. Using our drag and drop website builder, you can create quality websites in no time at all. Read on to learn tips for cool easy done yourself designs.

Create Sections

The true hallmark of a great website is multiple sections on a page that bring people through your sales funnel. You might start with a welcome video followed by an information section and ending with a CTA. Or maybe you’ll make a page focusing on testimonials. The sky is the limit, but you need to think about what you would want to see on a page. 

On a tradition website, the process of creating each section takes time — sometimes even hundreds of hours if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing with it. This can lead to burnout and a website that’s never completed.

With Popup, you can create a webpage with multiple sections in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is select from premade sections and build your page. Each section is completely customizable as well, allowing you to incorporate your own color codes, graphic and fonts in a matter of seconds. You won’t need to worry about long codes or spending hours laboring over how to make each section fit. Instead, you’ll create a beautiful site in a matter of minutes.

Brand Yourself

This may just be one of our most important tips for cool easy done yourself designs. When you are looking to create your webpage for your Popup store, you need to ensure your branding will get used.

If you don’t currently use a style guide, now is the time to create one. What colors do you want represented across your website? What fonts are you thinking of using? Do you want bulleted lists, or are you looking to use blocks of text (we recommend both)? Do you know your SEO keywords to get people to your site? Make sure you compile all of this information into a style guide so you can follow all of our tips for cool easy done yourself designs. This guide will ensure everything looks the same on your site, social media accounts, popup store, etc.

If you already use a style guide, great! With Popup, you simply need to input your HTML color codes to create a popup shop that matches with your established site. Popup also allows you to easily upload your own imagery, so logos and photos can get put on your page in just a few clicks.

Think of Colors

We’re going to start by pointing out that we absolutely love a minimalist design. It’s easy for customers to use and you don’t need to worry about whether or not a color will fit in with your design scheme or clash with what you’re creating.

However, customers want to see some color on their webpages. You only have a few milliseconds to grab their attention, and a stark white page can make them turn the other way.

Although we firmly believe that garish colors shouldn’t get used on a page, do look to incorporate some color on your popup shop. This makes your elements stand out and makes your customers’ look at points of interest on your site.

Once you know which colors you want to use, Popup makes it easy to incorporate them. Simply find the HTML code for the color(s) you want to use on your page and change sections colors to find the right combination for your site. In no time at all, you’ll own a beautiful popup store that’s as colorful as you are.

Focus on the Customer Journey

Let’s be honest; your goal revolves around getting customers to make a purchase, hence your interest in Popup. However, when creating your digital popup store, you need to think about your customer’s journey across your page. Are you hoping to sell them a few large price tag items or are they (ideally) purchasing multiple, more affordable options with a large selection of options to choose from.

For stores with more items, you need to create a webpage that really showcases your stock. Your customers likely aren’t going to want to read pages and pages of text and features because they’ll want to get through as many items as they can relatively quickly. For your page, you’ll be fine with a header featuring your shop name followed by images of your products (e.g., Amazon, Nordstrom).

For higher price tag items where you’re only looking to push a few items, really upsell your product. Something like a welcome video or slides at the top, a call to action, information about the products and another call to action is an excellent go-to store design.

Regardless of what you’re selling, take the time to think about your customer’s journey and what brought them to your webpage. This can earn you thousands more dollars rather than creating a page that doesn’t adequately showcase your products.

Create a Custom Experience

One of the joys of following these tips for cool easy done yourself designs is that you get to explore your creativity. Now that you have a website design and colors in mind, the real fun begins: creating a custom experience for your customers.

Let’s say you have a really interesting story on how your business was created. There are a few great examples of the life story becoming a selling point in now successful businesses, including Honey Pot products (formulated because the founder had a dream from her ancestors). You can easily utilize a video on your welcome page to give people a quick introduction to who you are and why you started making the products you do.

Maybe you have had your products or services utilized by celebrities. Why not make a short video showing them with your items? The sky is the limit when looking to create a custom experience for your customers.

What do you want to do that’s different than what you commonly see? What do you see as distracting when you visit other shop pages? With Popup, you control the customer journey which means you can create the perfect site for your business.

Share Your Products

What do you want your customers to know about your products? Are they easy to use, or do they require a little bit of explanation? Do you sell handbags made from the softest calf leather or are you focusing on sustainable vegan-friendly clothing?

The main thing to remember when sharing your products or services on Popup is that you want the customer to learn as much about your products as possible. If they need an instructional video, great! Easily insert it on the product page so your customers can learn what they need to know before making a purchase. Want to show those leggings you’ve worked hard on for months to perfect for all body types? Upload a host of photos from every angle with Popup’s easy to use uploader tool.

Don’t forget about the importance of text either. From bulleted lists to fun product descriptions, you can create an interactive experience that resonates with your customers. Simply insert a text block and get to work selling your products all over the world.

Make Your Site Cohesive

The last of our tips for cool easy done yourself designs revolves around cohesive website design. Far too often, we see webpages that have so much information about something that we simply cannot make heads or tails of what they’re trying to say to us.

For example, have you ever been on a sales page only to scroll through pages and pages of graphics and text before getting to the customer reviews? Or have you found websites that give nearly no descriptor for the product you’re thinking of purchasing? Trust us, we’ve been there.

With Popup’s drag and drop system, you can easily create a webpage that’s cohesive for your customers to navigate. We make our building easy, and you can edit just as easily. Look to see what you absolutely need to include on your popup shop and what can best be saved elsewhere. Think of how you can describe all your products in the same format as well. When you think of designing in a cohesive manner, you can create a webpage that people love to buy from.

Popup allows you to easily create the website of your dreams. By following these tips for cool easy done yourself designs, you can create a website that people will happily make a purchase from. Start by dreaming up your perfect website and make it a reality with Popup’s easy-to-use builder. To learn more about Popup, visit our website here.

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