Popup is the company for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is hope — it stands for limitless possibilities, and the opportunity to create a better future. Only, todays commerce technology is limiting those possibilities. We’re here to change that.

Popup Story

We started as merchants

Nearly a decade ago we started our first store, building a portfolio of brands selling everything from digital products and apparel to health supplements. But we had a problem. None of the commerce platforms gave us the control to create the customer experience needed to be successful. So, we decided to build our own.

Our Mission

The commerce platform
as flexible as you

We set out to create the commerce company that was missing in today's world. One that would empower people around the globe to find fulfillment and achieve success through entrepreneurship. We ditched the one-size-fits-all approach and embarked on a journey to create Popup.

Our Why

A life on your terms

Our merchants are tired of coloring inside the lines. They want to push the boundaries, innovate and scale their stores beyond the stagnant homepage and build a customer journey that doesn’t just sell products, but an avant-garde experience.

Why Popup

Not just a store

The ecommerce blueprint hasn’t changed since the 90’s. What has changed is the way we buy and sell online. Until now, merchants have been locked into one shape and style. With Popup, the control goes back to the creators to build a store as wild, unique and personal as them, their audience and their customers.

Backed by the best

We’ve partnered with world-class investors, founders, and operators to empower entrepreneurship around the world.

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Founded in 2022

We founded Popup to enable entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

Digital by default

Since day 1, Popup has been a 100% remote company with a growing team that can be found across the globe.

10 countries represented

Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, USA, Argentina, Ukraine, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, India and soon __________.

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