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Online Stores are for browsing, Popup Stores are for buying

Popup is the no-code e-commerce platform that lets you control the customer journey, visually. Build online Popup Stores to sell anything, anywhere in the world.

Super easy (no code)
Free for 30 days
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Build a more successful online business

What's the difference between an Online Store and a Popup Store

With Popup Stores, you control the customer journey - allowing you to build powerful sales funnels and unique, personalized experiences that convert visitors into paying customers.

Ecommerce is evolving, so should your store

Control the journey

Online stores do not let you control your visitor's journey to purchase. With Popup Stores you are in the driver seat.

Personalize the experience

Create a stunning buying experience that drives more conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty.

Automate tasks

Optimize your day-to-day workflows and tasks with built-in ecommerce automation tools.

Experiment with anything

Easily run tests on your Popup Store to learn what works best, including autonomous A/B testing.

Drag and drop Journey Builder

Take control of the customer journey, visually

Use Popup's visual drag and drop Journey Builder to guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire buying process (so they don’t get confused or lost and leave). With Popup, all roads lead to checkout.

Launch, grow, and scale your business with Popup

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Being able to create quick & easy  Popup stores for your main online store, testing new ideas or products, expanding to new markets, or whatever else you can think of makes Popup a no brainer. Oh and there's no need to code 🤯

Lindsay Shearer · CEO

“If I had Popup since 2016, today I would have way more things like localized stores, upsells, and REAL customer journeys. I could do things I couldn’t even imagine before, and it would take a day vs a month.”

Jacob Grozotis · Founder
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30+ ready to use sections

One platform, zero devs, endless possibilities

Choose from an ever-growing selection of responsive sections designed to give you the freedom to create what you want, when you want.

Fashion & apparel
Health & wellness
Courses & services
Digital products
Whatever you need
Let your creative juices flow

Do what others only dream of... and more

Each Popup Store can have one or more Entry Points. Think of Entry Points as doors into your Popup Store. Each Entry Point can have its own Journey, allowing you to create funnels and unique experiences based on where your visitors enter, or where you send them.

No-code template builder

Move beyond a storefront, create an experience

Create beautiful templates in minutes (no design or tech skills needed)
Showcase products with videos, reviews & much more
Stand out on any device with profesional Popup sections and themes
Popup Actions (automations)

Focus on what matters, automate the rest

Turn manual tasks into automated actions
Tag and segment customers to increase brand loyalty
Save an average of 10 hours per week
Manage everything, from one place

Sell in different languages, channels, and currencies

Manage unlimited Popup Stores under one admin
Track your customers, products, orders, and fulfillments
Sell in your customer’s local currency and language
Analytics & Reports
Coming soon

Make data informed decisions, quickly

See performance across all your Popup Stores
Pinpoint exactly where you are losing customers
Go deeper by connecting Google Tag Manager
Test ideas faster with A/B testing
Coming soon

Take the guess work out of everything

Learn which templates or journeys works best for your visitors
A/B test anything, at any time
Make data informed decisions

Get the help you need, every step of the way

Your success is our success. Whether you’re looking for business advice, troubleshooting issues, or wondering how to make the most of Popup, our Merchant Success team is here for you 24/7.

What is Popup?

Popup is the easiest way to start and scale an online business. Whether you’re just starting out or a growing business, Popup is for you.

How much does Popup cost?

Popup plans start at $9 per month and come with a free 30-day trial so you can start building for free right away.

Can I create multiple Popup Stores?

Yes. You can have multiple Popup Stores on one account. Use a Popup Store for your primary storefront, exclusive product drops, flash sales, lead generation, and whatever else you can possibly think of.

Do I have to host anything?

No. Popup is a hosted platform. We do all the heavy lifting on our end and our system will automatically scale as your business grows.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If Popup is not the best platform for your business, simply cancel your account or downgrade to another plan at any time.

Do I need to know how to code or design?

No. You can do everything without ever writing a single line of code, and our designers do the work for you by designing premium sections and themes that you can customize out of the box.

How long are your contracts?

Popup plans are month to month.

Does Popup provide support?

Yes. All Popup plans come with 24/7 support.

Do you support 3rd party payment gateways?

Yes, we support over 125+ different payment gateways with Popup. You can use the same gateway or different gateways for each of your Popup Stores.

Who owns the data?

You do. All data stored including your customers, orders, and products are 100% owned by you. You can export this data at any point.

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Launch, grow, and scale with Popup

Super easy (no code)
Free for 30 days
Free support